Submit health reports

  • up to 50 files at once, newer browsers can handle complete folders
  • Drag&Drop support
  • on mobile/tablet one can utilize the camera to take a picture of the Report
  • Bengal-Data HCM Screen Submit form

  • PawPeds HCM Screen Submit form

  • PawPeds Veterinaries List

  • Pectus excavatum

  • Please Note:
    We will not add the report but the result, so please upload a copy (below) and provide your contact details in case of questions. Thanks!
  • You can submit PRA-b reports (DNA Test), PK-Def reports (DNA Test) & Coat Color Tests.
  • For HCM: handout the HCM Screen Submit form to the cardiologist.
    ONLY the cardiologist can send in the HCM report to (not the owner).
  • Append Testreport

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